Thursday, 9 September 2010


I'm still getting caught up with vacation pictures from earlier this summer. It's nice to reflect on it months after the fact as well now that the post-vacation care-free glow is gone.

When we were in Switzerland in June and we had some real-deal vacation time to burn, I pulled out a map and picked the Languedoc-Rousillian region of France. It's the wine-producing region along the south-west coast of France, and much more off the beaten path then Provence.

I found the most amazing B&B after some internet searching. Le Couvent was a charming country guest house on the outskirt of the tiny medieval village of Roujan.

Europe Summer 2010 007

Le Couvent was a former catholic school and the Virgin still watches over the courtyard. A swarm of bees have taken up in the crook of her arm and are busy making use of her for their hive.

Lizzie and Ali had beautiful (and edible) gardens, lovely dogs, croissant-eating chickens that produced rather sublime eggs that we had for breakfast every day, and a serene crystal clear pool to shake the mid-day heat. The hospitality, the conversation and the food recommendations were all posh as hell.

Europe Summer 2010 005

The local butcher shop had wonderful pates, saucisse and cheeses to combat that post-nap, pre-dinner slump.

Europe2010 193

I learned rather quickly to love the rose wines that the locals drink. They are light and easy drinking, and not the overly-sweet cloying pinks we get in the states.

Biking through the countryside was a fun adventure. There were plenty of vineyards to stop in and get out of the brutal sun.

Europe2010 191

Europe2010 176

Europe Summer 2010 003

Gardens flourish here- the blooms were incredible. The smells of jasmine and lavender perfumed the air everywhere you went.

Europe Summer 2010 021

Europe2010 203

They also had a vineyard on the hillside overlooking Roujan- Chateau Malaudos.

Europe Summer 2010 023

Europe Summer 2010 010

They had a Mazet, which was a stone hut the farmers would use to get out of the mid-day sun. I found it the perfect location for picnicking.

Europe2010 219

Europe Summer 2010 020

Europe Summer 2010 027

Ali went off the beaten track to pick us figs for breakfast.

Europe2010 208

Europe2010 205

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Lizzie took us around and pointed out wild-growing edibles in their vineyard that we later threw on the grill- wild garlic, juniper berries, wild asparagus, bay leaves, wild thyme, and incredibly juicy sweet persimmons. The French (and the English ex-pats) are so serious about their food. I felt right at home.

Europe2010 227

Life is good.

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