Monday, 8 August 2011


We usually take a long weekend trip up to the Catskills sometime in the summer. It's beautiful up there in summer and fall, and usually it's much cooler there even though it's only 100 miles away.

August 2011 047

That's Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, an ageing beast alarmingly close the the city. I don't think I've ever even seen it before we made a stop in Peekskill. It's right across from Bear Mountain, and we go there all the time.

August 2011 048

August 2011 055

We got to a nice, pastoral place soon enough.

August 2011 059

August 2011 060

August 2011 081

We did some really hard-core yoga classes at a retreat near Woodstock. It was no joke- that yoga was hard and I'm still a bit sore. I felt like I was being asked to defy physics in every single pose. Happily, the Linda instructor was sweet as can be, and helpful and filled with good, happy energy. If you are even in the area, I would highly recommend that you check out Shakti Yoga.

August 2011 095

The grounds were exactly what we needed to convince ourselves to breathe. There were dragonflies and gardens and frogs and birds and a nice waterfall as a backdrop. Periodically, a couple of deer families would dart out of the woods to browse the lawn and to drink from the pond.

August 2011 100

August 2011 103

August 2011 108

August 2011 128

August 2011 133

One of my favorite things about the area are all the famstands and farmers markets you stumble upon.

August 2011 135

I was so excited to see real tomatoes again that I bought a container of the little sungold cherries and ate the entire thing unadorned while walking around.

August 2011 137

August 2011 142

There's a lot of Dutch Colonial architecture in the area that makes me swoon.

August 2011 143

August 2011 192

August 2011 201

We found a fun little community fair going on. The main event were "bed races".

August 2011 165

I didn't even know who to cheer for, the cross-dressing team of clowns or the bed bug extermination team. It was too weirdly fun to choose.

August 2011 169

August 2011 172

August 2011 179

August 2011 183

It's nice to get out.

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