Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cows, Chickens, Pigs and the 'Gunks

We spent a fun day in the Shawgunk Mountains outside of New Paltz. The 'Gunks are a huge draw for rock climbers from all over the East Coast, but there is great hiking as well.

It was so hot and hazy, I couldn't get a clear picture of the cliffs.

August 2011 422

They are really stunning- the landscape goes from rolling hills to dramatic white cliff faces.

We happened upon a county fair. I couldn't resist going in to see the livestock.

August 2011 301

It was so hot out.

August 2011 303

August 2011 305

Out of all the animals, the goats seemed the least phased about the heat.

August 2011 309

August 2011 311

August 2011 333

August 2011 337

This cow was named Bertha. She was enormous- by far the biggest cow there.

August 2011 338

She was super sweet and gentle though. I saw more children run up behind her and grab her tail (WTF, bad parenting skills!) and she barely flinched.

August 2011 371

August 2011 351

August 2011 360

August 2011 362

There were piglet races. They were motivated purely by Oreo cookies.

August 2011 365

August 2011 367

This Mule was really sweet- she really loved her ears scratched. I was happy to oblige.

August 2011 370

August 2011 379

August 2011 401

Some locals told us about a swimming hole nearby called Spit Rock on the Mohonk preserve.

August 2011 407

It was a really unique place. I love finding a good swimming hole. I don't think I've ever found one like this in New York state, and it wasn't labeled on maps or anything. New Hampshire and Vermont really has a good deal of quality ones. Western Maine is full of them, including one where you can slide down a 12 foot waterfall into the freezing cold pool below. That one is always a fun bravery test.

August 2011 409

The pool was very cool and dark and deep, and you swam right up to the waterfall and let it power wash you.

August 2011 413

It's the perfect anecdote to a sticky day.

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