Friday, 5 August 2011

FO: Chunky Rib Hat

The insanity continues.

A 2oz braid of yet another bump of Capistrano hanpainted. This one is BFL. My A-Z stashdown is rolling right along...

sept 2008 009

The color is "Seychelles". Blue and purple and red cool jewel tones.

Again, with the singles.

october2010 158

I'm trying really hard to make thick, lofty yarns that are even in thickness. It's a huge challenge for me. Lace is my thing.

october2010 159

I feel like progress is being made.

I only ended up with 54 yards of this. BFL is a very dense wool, and it doesn't have crimp like merino does. It has more like a wave. A bit more fluffing or pre-drafting would have given me more yardage.

Luckily, you can do a hat with very little yardage.

knits 071

This is the Chunky Rib Hat. It's one of those hats that you barely need a pattern for, but the Yarn Princess wrote it out for us. It took about an hour. total.

knits 072

It's rows of knit stitches. It's rows of purl stitches. It's stretchy and you don't have to worry so much about gauge. If you have the yardage, you can keep going a few extra rows, or cut it off if need be. It will still stretch over your head okay.

knits 073

The only modification I made was the crown decreases. I had a bit more yarn left than I wanted to have tucked away unused, so instead of decreasing every row, I snuck in a row of plain knit between each row. It's a more gradual decrease and rounded top.

Easy-peasy on size 13 needles. Another skein of handspun, converted from my stash to my winter woolens drawer.

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