Friday, 19 August 2011

More Rockies

I'm not saying that we should be practicing graffiti in our National Parks, but this made me smile.

Colorado 2011 943

But a lot of things I saw made me smile that day.

Colorado 2011 944
Lake Haiyaha

Colorado 2011 970

Colorado 2011 984

Colorado 2011 996
Mills Lake

Colorado 2011 1002

Colorado 2011 1008

Colorado 2011 213
Bear Lake

Colorado 2011 223
I spotted a Pinion Jay, which are large, shy blue birds.

Colorado 2011 237
Two Sisters

Colorado 2011 243
Long's Peak, one of the 53(!) mountains over 14,000 feet in the state. From what I hear, it's not a technical climb in summer, but you have to allow yourself at least 13 hours round trip.

Colorado 2011 236
Lilly Lake

The most gratifying thing about hiking (aside from the view from the top) is peeling off your shoes and socks at the end of the day and wading around in an ice-cold creek. It's one of my favorite moments in life.

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  1. Gorgeous pics!!! Hope you are relaxing and breathing in lots of fresh air. You're right, we should hang out more :D