Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bitten by the Bugga

I made another pair of socks. Technically, they are not finished yet. Embroidery of sorts needs to be done. It may not ever get done.

It started out with a Skein of Sanguine Gryphon Bugga.

march2011 041

LOVE. love. love. It's dyed beautifully. The colors are amazing- it was really hard to capture the subtle shifts of dark greens in the skein. The color is "Autumn Tiger Beetle". It's a good, masculine color (not that I'm a fan of assigning genders their own colors or imposing stereotypes) and the cashmere/merino and almighty nylon blend screamed out for a special pair of guy socks for a special kind of companion.

I love the look of Argyle socks, but I dislike doing colorwork on footwear. Too much can go wrong and I've just not had good experiences with this in the past. So, instead of dealing with that, Veronik Avery came up with the idea to fake the argyle pattern with a background stitch pattern and duplicate stitch over that. So much easier. Especially when traveling. The pattern is from her book, "Knitting Classic Style".

I cast these on while on the plane, and knit through my trip with the socks on my needles.

France 2011 666

It's nice to have a small, portable project when you are on the road.

Paris 2 262

I usually don't get that much done on a project when I'm traveling, but these socks zipped right along. Also...I didn't see any other knitters at all when I was there. Is this something people are closeted about? Is it a cultural thing? Or is it just not as popular there as it is in the US?

Paris 2 313

After a close encounter with a hater TSA agent on the way home (yes, you lovely beautiful person, The Rules say that I am allowed to knit on a plane no matter what crime against humanity you think this will lead to), I was able to finish these up with no issues.

Picture 963

Now all that is left is the duplicate stitch to fake the argyle stripes. I found what might be perfect colors in my scrap yarn pile. It might be sitting there in wait for a very long time.

They are cozy and warm and soft. The cashmere means a little bit of bloom occurred once I gave these a good wash. If they hold up well, I might go exclusive on this stuff.

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