Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I'm a couple days late with this, but celebrating the Repeal of the 18th amendment has long been my favorite holiday. The freedom to indulge in a bit of tipple is a dear freedom indeed. Not that those dry 13 years did too much to prevent motivated people from drinking- contrary, it gave rise to some powerful mobsters, Speakeasies and mixed cocktails to hide the awful taste of bathtub gin.

Booze has been legally helping us get through our awkward corporate holiday parties, terrible boring dates and family gatherings since December 5, 1933. Cheers!

I'll be back with some real posts soon but I'm dealing with a series of conniptions at work. So much so, that I'm finding I need a 5 minute break to look at cute animals to soften the blows of indentured servitude. So here, I'm passing them on to brighten your day.

First up:

Holy hell. Porcupines can talk. We are doomed.

This might be the most enthusiastic cheerleader I've ever seen:

This has been going around for a while, but I love it.

There. I feel better now.

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