Wednesday, 14 December 2011

FO: Drop-stitch Long Cowls

Oooh, wow. I just realized I made these way back in August. Gah. Well, here they are, about to be sent out to their intended recipients.

I've been seeing a lot of hugely long cowls on the street this year. Mostly on women, but I've seen some being worn by stylish men as well. They are either worn long as one continuous scarf or doubled to make a warmer thick cowl. These were originally intended to be regular scarves, but seeing that big cowls are ruling the fashion scene, some quick witchcraft with needle and thread transformed them into just that.

Dec 2011 035

Dec 2011 030

I went to work on one, and then made another, just for fun and to use up some stash. They are both stockinette stitch scarves. Right before I bound off, I dropped every 4th stitch and helped it run almost all the way down to the last row. Then I bound off, seamed it up and steamed blocked it to open up the lace.

The yarn is Ella Rae Classic- a simple worsted-weight wool similar to Cascade 220. To do a drop-stitch scarf like this, you really need to use 100% wool- something with a little tooth to it. Otherwise, the drop columns will expand and you'll lose the look. It gives it a more interesting, lacy look than just plain stockinette.

I used size 8 needles and knit until I was sick of it. I was thinking of maybe tie-dying them, or maybe hand painting them, but in the end I just let them be.

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