Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It's the Solstice

I can feel the gradually returning sun warming my bones already. Never mind that the real-deal winter wear has yet to be put to good use and it's getting to be drearily unseasonable. I will put a pot of mulled cider on the stove and do a little wassailing, just for fun, even if it means that turning on the stove means I have to open all the windows in the house to keep from breaking into a sweat.

I have plenty to write about and share, but it 'tis the season of secretive crafting. I'll let you in on the goods shortly. Also, I am having a dye day soon and I will have a whole lot of new yarn and roving up on the Etsy shop.

I will leave you with an illustration of what happens when you buy one of those beer kits for someone and they decide that brewing might be the right hobby for them. One year and 110 gallons of beer later, this is regularly what I have to fight past to get some leftovers warmed up.

Dec 2011 006


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