Tuesday, 13 December 2011

FO: Grove Mittens

I've been quietly knitting away, and spinning as well. It all kind of feels like a sneaky little guilty pleasure at this point. I still don't really have the proper mind to write a proper post though. The constant distractions I'm dealing with (aka "work") make it hard for me to form a sentence otherwise. My creativity suffers so.

I did finish these mittens quite a while ago though.

Dec 2011 025

They are the Grove Mittens by Jared Flood, from the "Made in Brooklyn" book. Indeed.

Dec 2011 027

There were so many twisted stitches that I'm not quite sure if I would ever be able to un-twist ever again. In retrospect, I did not choose the right yarn. The fuzzy woolen-spun Shelter yarn really obscured the subtle pattern. Something with more stitch definition would probably have worked better. Regardless, I like them- they really do look like the bark of a noble old tree.

Dec 2011 028

I especially like the twisted cabled cuffs. It's a great touch. The tops of the mittens are much more blunted off than most- kind of a frankenmitten look. That could be easily fixed, but, eh, I kind of like it.

I used a tad over a skein of Shelter in the colorway "Soot". I used size 5 needles, so they zipped right along. I started these Rhinebeck weekend, got home and promptly discarded them to the corner to collect dust for a month because I dislike picking up stitches for the thumbs. Eventually I but picked them back up just to finish them and get them out of the pile. Life is good.

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