Friday, 20 April 2012

Hoover of the Damned

I don't think pictures really capture the enormity of the Hoover Dam.

Vegas 512

It's just not possible.  

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I know nothing of engineering.  I'm sure that if I did, the mystique would not be lost.  If anything, I'm sure that I would be more wowed.  

Viewed from the perfectly placed Pat Tillman Bridge is the only place where you can grasp the scale of it.  

Vegas 526

Although I would recommend going early in the morning if you don't want the bridge's shadow in all your shots.  Alas, Ansel Adams I am not.

Vegas 528

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The Dam was constructed 2 years ahead of schedule, during the Great Depression.  It's 720 feet high and 660 feet wide at the base.  

On the Nevada side, the pathway to the Dam is marked by two identical Deco-style bronzes.  

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Giving the statue's peds a rub is said to be lucky.  The bronze has worn smooth from the millions of newly lucky visitors.   

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Vegas 555

Over 100 workers died during the construction.  Apparently, none of them are actually entombed in the dam's concrete.  

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The chalky white line around the canyons of Lake Mead is a 30-year old high water mark. Confusing:  Arizona doesn't have daylight saving, so for half the year you will be an hour behind yourself just for crossing the bridge.  Both sets of the intake towers has a clock letting you know what time it is in that state.

Vegas 605

A nice dose of pure Americana to make my imminent departure all the more bitter sweet.

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