Friday, 20 April 2012

Red Rocks

I know I've gone on about this before, but I love the desert.

Vegas 310

I will amend my previous statement to include the fact that my love is conditional.   I love the desert when it's nice and cool out and you might feel the need to wear a light sweater.  None of this 100 degree nonsense.

Vegas 312

We took a nice trip to Red Rock Canyon, just a short drive outside of the city of Las Vegas.

Vegas 316

It's a Bureau of Land Management area, meaning we had a chance to see some wild horses or burros.  We saw signs of them (and tried not to step in it) but no such viewing luck was had.  We did see plenty of birds and tiny lizards, but it was probably too late in the day to expect any really good wildlife viewing.  Hello, no one gets up early in Vegas.  It's against the law.

Vegas 328

I love the color palate of the desert- the muted silvery sages and shades of gamboge to salmon pink.  The unexpected pop of wildflowers crop up here and there.

Vegas 354

Vegas 365

Vegas 373

Vegas 385

Vegas 397

Vegas 400

Vegas 408

There's a 13-mile loop road through the park that begins and ends at the visitor center.  There are plenty of places to stop along the way to hike or take in the view.

Vegas 411

Vegas 418

Vegas 424

Vegas 437

We headed for an easy trail through the valley that ended up at a waterfall.  By waterfall, I mean a rather refreshing trickle of water splashing down on the rocks below.     

Vegas 453

There was also some petroglyphs nearby.
Vegas 472

See them?  It was hard to get a good picture with the sun high in the sky at that point and the barricade telling me I can't get any closer.

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