Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Red Door

When you take the subway to Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn and you get out on the 4th Ave exit, you are confronted with a run-down old church.


I don't know anything about it, except that it seems like one of those structures that looks older than it is. It's run down and damaged in a beautiful sort of way.







  1. That’s such a beautiful ruin, no doubt about it. But I think it needs some restoration because the scratches are marring the beauty of the structure. Its magnificence will be destroyed if it’s not maintained well.

    Becky Steele

  2. That old church must have a fascinating history! How that red door looks tells me something about the medieval stories that I’ve watched in movies. By the way, I do hope that they do something about those shingles. They must immediately repair that roof because, as we all know, a leaky roof can be frustrating.

  3. It's a waste to leave this structure to deteriorate. It wouldn't take long before it crumbles if they neglect the cracking walls and shingles. Yes, there's beauty in looking at those old bricks and the chipping door, but surely it's charm will be doubled if its original beauty is restored. John @ Nehemiah.com