Monday, 2 April 2012

Moving is Hard Work.

My to-do list has been pretty gruesome lately. No one wants to hear about my mundane everyday scurrying around, packing things up and itemizing everything for insurance, filling out visa applications, opening accounts overseas and closing them over here. I have spent a great deal of time listening to hold music, and happily knitting away here and there while trying really hard not to whip myself into a murderous rage that I will one day take out on Kenny G.

That is all.

I promise for some more interesting content soon. Adventures are in the works...

I did some spinning!

While at a friend's house over the weekend for a little spin-in I realized that spinning is the guiltiest of my pleasures. I hardly ever do it anymore. I always feel like there is something else that I should be doing. It also seems like that i can't just sit in front of the wheel for 5 minutes here or there- when I'm comfy and getting a groove on, I will spin for hours and hours, until the roving runs out. I don't really have that luxury right now, so it's been quiet. I'm trying to work something out with my conscience- we are in the middle of some hard bargaining in regards to the whole spinning thing.

First up is a Loop Spontaneous Spinning Batt.

summer2009 215

I corespun it as thick as I could on a wool core.


I also let the silk ribbon randomly wrap around the core.

march 2012 077

It's sparkly and beautiful. I got almost 180 yards out of it, and it's fairly heavy weight.

Another loop batt. I really loved the colors in this one.

sept2009 002

These are so fun to spin, but they make a glittery mess all over the house.


I spun a thick, even single. Well. Not really even. I just let it be what it wanted to be, and sometimes a big slub of silk would give it some interesting texture. 164 yards.


I don't have a before photo of this, but it's 8oz of Spunky Eclectic fiber in the "Turkish Delight" colorway and South African Fine fiber. It spun up similar to Merino.


300 yards of worsted 2-ply. I feel like I got the colors to line up pretty evenly. This will make a nice pair of stripey mittens if I ever get around to it.

Oh, one more thing before I continue to be placed on hold. I sent an old friend of mine some bits of handspun that I had saved up over the years from various experimental phases and workshops and samples. Within days, this landed in my inbox:

So CYOOOTE! I never thought about making an abstract chicken before. Thank you Beth for taking those scraps off my hands!

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