Monday, 23 April 2012

One more Vegas post for you....

How could I leave you off without a visit to the fountains at the Belliagio?  It really overdoes it- the lights, the music, the thunderous jets of water.  I love it.  

Vegas 151

Vegas 157

Vegas 166

Vegas 174

I like the bizarre hidden spots in the big hotels.  Obviously, in the Flamingo, there is a Flamingo Garden.  It's a bit dilapidated and it smells like a water-bird enclosure might.

Vegas 234

Vegas 242

Vegas 273

Vegas 274

And yes, like every other person from New York to come through here, we went to Rao's.

Vegas 295

It was overpriced, good but not great.  Kind of a letdown.  At least I went to Rao's once in my life though!  There were quite a few restaurants that were New York mainstays, but we managed to find a few good places.  The Cosmopolitan Hotel has quite a few.  As much as my travel companion wanted to, we didn't go to the Excalibur for their turkey legs and jousting.  You can do that in New Jersey!

Vegas 673

Vegas 740

There was also a rockabilly convention going on while we were there, and there were lots of good greased pompadours and sweet vintage cars to check out.  The vintage clothing marketplace was amazing.  I have pictures somewhere.  I have to go deal with customs forms and pain and suffering now, but maybe I'll dig them up later.

Vegas 757

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