Thursday, 27 September 2012


Budapest had some gorgeous grand cafes, called Kávéház.

WED_7530 WED_7562

They were a great place to grab breakfast, but really now. You came here for dessert.


A quirk: no one would serve us tap water anywhere, for no reason other than they could sell you a bottle.

We headed to Budapest Market to get caught up on spending our funny money. It's nice to go to a place where the US dollar is strong for once. I'm not a big shopper as far as stuff goes, but I do love shopping for spices and other specialty food items.


They had lots of tourist tchotchkes upstairs, but the lower level was a real food market.

WED_7537 WED_7540 WED_7541

Hungarians do love a bit of spice. I took the opportunity to buy paprika in bulk. A 1lb bag of it cost about $7 US. It's going to be a long, cold winter here in Paris and I'm prepared to make all the paprikash I possibly can.

WED_7738 WED_7545 WED_7549

What else to do after a long morning of shopping?


Oh hell yes. Széchenyi thermal baths!


Budapest has a thing for healing waters. An afternoon at the spa is pretty much essential to a visit here.


  1. You have to go back and see all of the amazing folk art! They are huge fiber artists in Hungary. Embroidery, cut felt, etc.

    Was that Girbaud you went to for pastries? Dobos torte?? Yum.

    The healing water thing is from being occupied by the Turks.

    1. Hi Martha! Thanks for the info. I wasn't there long enough to really immerse myself in the art scene, but I am planning on going back soon...

      How was Iceland?