Saturday, 15 September 2012

People Watching

Boats on the pond in the Jardin du Luxembourg...


On a windy day, there is a line in front of the toy sailboat renter. The American children (ahem, the boys anyway) generally grow bored with the game quickly and try to bash the boats into sinking or ram each other's ship head on.

WED_6818 WED_6824 WED_6826

Chasing pigeons away from their food source is a Herculean task, as shown by these two. The pigeons here don't scare easily, and just make way for the annoyance while eating as fast as they can.


I knew the kid was American before he opened his mouth because of his striped shirt and beret paired with crocs. Adorable, but not something you see Parisian children wear ever.

WED_6833 WED_6835 WED_6838 WED_6841

Afterwards, a rest in the Tulleries, where an athletic couple was practicing their yoga for two. I'm sure the downstairs neighbors would complain if you dropped your partner too many times, and they seemed to enjoy the audience they were getting.

WED_6847 WED_6845 WED_6842 WED_6851

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