Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tourist Traps of Prague

A hike up to the top of the fantastic Astronomical Clock tower was totally worth the pittance they charged for it.

WED_7209 WED_7210

Surprise! It's been retrofitted with an elevator.

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Prague is filled with all sorts of great tourist traps. If the sign is in English, it's a good place to lighten your wallet with little benefit in return.


If you ever have the urge to see marionettes sing along to a thankfully abbreviated "Don Giovanni", this is the place to be.


It cracked us up to no end that the Museum of Commies is "Above MacDonad's". When the curtain fell, it fell hard.


The walk up to Prague Castle was steep, but I was motivated by wine...across the river, I could see vineyards along the edge of the hillside that the castle perches on. Once we got to the castle and realized you had to buy a ticket to see anything at all, we got all meh, let's go find some wine.


St Vitus Cathedral

WED_7267 WED_7268

I got yelled at for taking this picture because I didn't pay. I'm only posting it to spite the security guard.

WED_7284 WED_7291

Finally! Wine!


Czech wine wasn't exactly the most quaffable quaff in all the land, but we found a Rose from Moravia was fairly drinkable, and it made us happy.

WED_7305 WED_7321 WED_7325

However, I had declared myself over Czech food pretty quickly.


So much meat! As a lapsed vegetarian I'm pretty quick to tire of an all-meat diet. It was impossible to flee from it. Meat, potatoes, cabbage.


You can mix it up with some meat, potatoes, cabbage and funnel cakes.


I decided to give it one more shot.


Lokal came highly recommended. While the interior was smokey beer-hall chic, the food ended up being fantastic- some of the best we had all trip. I even ordered a second plate of spinach because I was in love with the fact that they offered a green vegetable, even if it was doused in cream.

What better way to prepare for an overnight train trip than to get pampered a bit. Lucky us, Prague has a huge selection of really inexpensive Thai spas. Thai massage is one of those "hurts so good" massages where you get walked on and bent over backwards to crack your back in ways you didn't know you could.

The Czech Heath Department hasn't shut the foot nibbling fish operations down, so we had to try.


That tickles just to look at it. Yes, it's a bit gross to stick your feet in a fish tank. Yes, it's disconcerting to have little barbaric fish wiggle their way between your toes and start nibbling your calluses like it was a chunk of ham. Which, at that point, I'm sure I was exuding eau du ham through my pores. A good way to unwind after so much walking.

After an adventurous of trying to sleep on a train, we arrived in the morning in a new city, ready to begin a new adventure:


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