Monday, 24 September 2012

Mucha Madness

Aside from the gorgeous architecture and quaint squares in Prague....

WED_7163 WED_7162

There's an interesting art history here as well. It's known for the illustrator Alphonse Mucha. He really left his mark all over Prague, and cooked up the Art Nouveau movement.

He started out doing huge posters for theater productions and advertisements in his studio in Paris, moved to New York, and then back to Czech, where he used his notoriety to encourage a liberated Czechoslovakia through his political art.

They are stunning. Anything he advertised for, I would surely be tempted to buy.

The Mucha Museum was a nice introduction- they had a nice series that showed his development as an artist, along with photographs of his studios and models. A walk through town and you notice that his work is all around you.


The glass window he did in St Vitus Cathedral is extraordinary.

WED_7278 WED_7271

Mucha was definitely the happiest art we saw in Prague. A Jakub Schikaneder exhibit at the Waldstein Riding School was enough to make even the sunniest day fill with doom and gloom.

WED_7309 WED_7307

And don't get me started on the Amoya museum, the museum for young artist.

WED_7242 WED_7377

It kind of gave the impression that this isn't a very happy place.

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But then the Hare Krishnas showed up in Saffron made some joyful noise.

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