Saturday, 23 November 2013

Meanwhile, Back in Paris...

I still live here?


I guess?

It's gotten cold, I've burrowed under piles of knitwear, the holiday decorations are out, and it's sublime window shopping right now. Oh, and it's what I fondly refer to as "Champagne and Foie Gras Season", as that seems to be all that Parisians subsist on from now until January 1.

Mostly though, it is fighting the winter doldrums. The sun, when it rarely peaks out behind thick clouds, barely breaks the horizon. I can barely make it outside to take a few pictures before it sinks back down. Oh, only a few more weeks to go before it starts to return, and who knows where I'll be then.

I know I have tons of catching up to do, but it's time for friends and more travel and Champagne and Foie Gras to comfort my way through dark days and darker nights in a festive mood. Soon- I've had some miles on my new shoes lately and I just need to sit down and organize myself.

Enjoy the season, no matter what you celebrate. As long as there might be Champagne, I am willing.

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