Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I usually consider myself a pretty good tourist.


I walk, I observe, I try not to intrude. I take my time. I try and get a real feel for a place before making decisions and opinions. I try the local specialties, no matter what they may or may not be. Taking the road less traveled is a great way to see the world.

WED_8393 WED_8399

Except for Pisa. We found a parking lot as close to the tower as possible. We parked, ran in, saw the tower, took pictures of each other pushing it over or holding it upright. We ran out, dropped the car off at the airport.


There seemed to be a lot of other people who had an hour tops there as well.


So, I can honestly say I didn't really experience Pisa, but the tower is pretty crazy.

WED_8407 WED_8409 WED_8427 WED_8437 WED_8449

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