Friday, 8 November 2013



The highways in Piedmont were ridiculous. Winding up and down mountainsides, through more tunnels than I could count as our GPS and radio gave out every two minutes. Really fun, but exhausting. Any chance to stop between Milan and Florence was a good one, and someone had clued us in to a local specialty in Recco:


Focaccia al formaggio. Like it name implies: it is doughy soft bread, nicely drowned in a generous puddle of cheese. It's like fondue, I think? I don't know. It was addictive.


The town was also quite nice- seaside, mountains, fishing village. Old men gathered by the beach to play bacci or boule or whatever they call it here. People walking dogs and kids playing futball.

WED_7730 WED_7728 WED_7725 WED_7721 WED_7713 WED_7735

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