Wednesday, 6 November 2013

FO: Porto Sweater

All this travel means I have a lot of plane/train/bus time to turn wool into garments.


I'm way behind in actually figuring out what I've made at this point, and even if it's a proper garment. I'm pretty sure there are some pretty glaring mistakes going on. A sock with two heels? Check. I sweater with three arm holes? Probably. A shawl where I run out of yarn at the very last row or precious, no-dye lot handpainted artisan yarn? Yup. Staring at it right now. I just keep going.

This was a little-known pattern from Twist Collective called Porto. It struck my fancy as just something that would be good to wear. I understand that most people, when they think of something good to wear, run to the store and buy it.


It just seemed like the perfect comfortable casual sweater for fall. The medallion cable details on the sides give it some nice waist shaping, and the cabley details at the v-neck add some interest to an otherwise very plain, wearable sweater.


I used 9 skeins -a bit over 1200 yards- of Rowan Purelife Organic Wool, a straigtforward DK weight of wooly goodness.


I think it's discontinued now, but the color is "Parsley", which is barely a hint of green natural dye on white wool.


I made the 36" size. It didn't take me so long to knit up- about a month- but I used size 4 needles to get a nice, tight gauge that is not terribly bulky. It fits, it's warm, I've reached for it every time I've gotten a chill. It's just comforting and easy to wear and I love it so.


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