Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Atlantic Antic

Sunday was the Atlantic Antic- a street fair on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.

sept2009 671

As far as street fairs go, this one is the one to check out. Very little in the way of tube socks and sheets.

sept2009 663

sept2009 673

There are a lot more independent and crafty vendors at this one. Good food and entertainment as well.

sept2009 679

And there were plenty of herpetologist on hand to terrorize the children. Keep them in line already!

sept2009 701

Naturally, the Reverend Billy was there, bullhorn in hand:

sept2009 710

And I got to meet Rachmouse and see her gorgeous hand-dyed yarn:

sept2009 714

But I didn't buy any just because I have an entire crate of sock yarn at home (and you can fit a ton of sock yarn in a crate) and it's waaay to close to Rhinebeck to ruin my yarn-and-fiber diet.

The fall weather was fabulous. It was good to get together with friends and peoplewatch over a toddy and a slice on a lazy Sunday.

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