Friday, 9 October 2009

Surprise! More Fiber!

I was on vacation when the postman tried to deliver my August Spunky Club, so I didn't actually get it until this past week.

sept2009 735

Falkland in the "Zombies" colorway. Great name, great colors. Falkland wool is a breed of sheep from the remote, cold, windy Falkland Islands. They have a great deal of Merino in their bloodlines, so it's very soft and crimpy, but there is also a lot of silkiness to it and a longer staple length then Merino. It's great for beginners, it's usually not all that expensive, and it's nice and soft. It's bright white in color, so it takes dyes really well.

sept2009 732

The colors are great- a sickly blueish-gray, some gory reds, some gray matter. I'll be here, squishing and petting my brain-eating wool all weekend.

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