Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Rhinebeck, part deux

The third Saturday in October is the start of the two-day non-denominational holy days for knitters and spinners all over the East Coast. Truly a shopping holiday.

This year's featured breed was the Leicester Longwool. This English breed dates back to the 18th century, and was later imported to the US. Thomas Jefferson had a herd of Leicester Longwools. So did George Washington. Sadly, this is now considered a rare breed. Their is currently a preservation effort at Colonial Williamsburg, and there were plenty of tri-corner hats to be seen in the Leicester Longwool barn.

Their fleeces have big, open corkscrew-curly locks with enormous staple length- more than 8 inches. Their wool is highly lustrous and dyes beautifully. It's softer than most longwool breeds. And the sheep are adorable:

oct2009 104

oct2009 106

oct2009 113

oct2009 115

oct2009 128

And there were lots of good fleeces to be had...the madness of the fleece sale ruled my day.

oct2009 152
That's Dawn and Tanu, justifying a Romney fleece. If you find someone to split a fleece with, you are usually in good shape.

oct2009 153
And here is Shansays, after getting her gateway Leicester Longwool fleece! I love her beautiful handspun BFL hat.

The sale cleans out fast, and people do get quite grabby. As soon as you find a fleece you like, it's best to grab it and decided on it later.

oct2009 150

I was amazed at the sheer (har) number of quality Romney fleeces this year. I picked up a lovely gray one that was amazingly soft and fine, but there were so many that were just as awesome. Tough decisions had to be made. I always considered commercial Romney top to be kind of coarse, but a good long-stapled beginners wool. My outlook has changed completely.

I walked away with 4.5 fleeces that I hemmed and hawed over. More about them later.

After the much anticipated Rhinebeck ritual of The Spending of The Paycheck, it was time for the Saturday Night Possible Drunkenness: The Ravelry Party!

I'm not sure if they had better heaters this year, or maybe I had wisened up and dressed warmer. Or maybe it just wasn't quite so cold this year. Whatever it was, it made for a much more pleasant experience. And I love myself a good bonfire to warm up next to.

There were Bob cupcakes, which I was too impatient to take a picture of:
oct2009 157

and nice goody bags too. We didn't stay that long, but long enough to meet some really kick-ass ladies from Montreal:

oct2009 158
That's Amelah and her awesome needle-gauge earrings and her sock yarn scrap blanket.

oct2009 159
And that's KnitPurlMama, looking cozy.

oct2009 160

Good friends, good times.

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  1. cute picture! thanks for telling me, i didn't even know you took it! lol. I love it, "justifying a romney".

    You got 4.5 fleeces? nice! and i love the bob-cupcake!