Thursday, 22 October 2009

Rhinebeck, part trios: Sunday recap

A bunch of us crazies got up early Sunday morning to take the Down Fibers Spinning class.

oct2009 163

Cashmere and other tricky [read: expensive] fibers were something I had been wanting to learn, but I was too afraid to waste good fiber on learning. The class booted my ass into getting that cashmere and qiviut and buffalo and angora bunny fiber that has been in my stash out of my stash and onto a bobbin.

Here's KnitHoundBrooklyn and her fabulous yellow socks with a bobbin full of baby camel and cashmere and cashmere silk blend:
oct2009 162

Stellina took the whole "high fiber diet" thing literally:
oct2009 164

I'm sure Shansays has a picture of me taking a picture of her
oct2009 165

After class, I decided to make myself feel like a total slouch and I went to watch the Sheep to Shawl excitement:
Sheep to Shawl

Sheep to Shawl

Then I had a pretty good internal argument with the philosophy behind my vegetarianism:
oct2009 155

Of course, there were more sheep and goats to pet. This Romney from Anchorage Farm in Saugerties was just begging to be shorn. I had to bargain with him: I would take his fleece, but he would have to stay on the farm. No deal.
oct2009 149

This blue-eyed cashmere kid wanted a home as well:
oct2009 144
He was unhappy living at Black Locust Farm in Maine (!) and wanted to try city life. Adventurous, isn't he?

I had no idea how big in size Rambouillets were. They all seemed really docile, but that's a lot of wool! The rams looked so regal with their curly-q horns.
oct2009 141

oct2009 138

I encountered a rather friendly Romedale/CVM:
oct2009 136

oct2009 134

He kept nosing my camera and fogging up my lens!
oct2009 133

oct2009 132

More pretty Leicester Longwools:
oct2009 120

Have I failed to mention that there was shopping to be done? All I have to say is THANK YOU to KnitHound for having the foresight to buy a Volvo!
oct2009 172

We were all pretty pleased with ourselves, but I feel as though I missed enough of the vendors so that I'll have to go back next year in order to feel like I've had the full-on Rhinebeck experience.

oct2009 171

Back to the big bad city to wash a mountain of wool.

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  1. those are some gorgeous wheels! hope you enjoyed the class.

    i can't believe how much stuff you guys got! Holy crap, i don't feel bad about my haul anymore! lol. well....maybe a little.