Monday, 5 March 2012


Another thing that I will miss badly about New York- the amazing variety and quality Asian food. Dim Sum palaces, super spicy Sechuan, Cantonese and Tibeten, Korean, Malaysian, Vietnamese,and Thai, not to mention fancy-pants trendy temples of Sushi. I love them all fairly equally, but if I can find really great Thai place, I'm content with all aspects of my life. At least for 20 minutes.

I've had Thai food in France and I've been sorely disappointed. I need a break from pastry and creamy butter sauces at some point, but the Thai there never hits the spot. It's too bland- even with much begging with the kitchen staff, I find that it never gives the big kick that I'm after. I know that I need to take advantage of a good curry and freebase it while I have access it.

An unassuming storefront in Elmhurst is serving up some of the most amazing Thai dishes I've ever tasted.

feb 2012 260

Ayada Thai is worth the trip to far-away Queens (of course, you're lucky if you live nearby).

The windows declare it "the best" in multiple publications. As much as I hate speaking in superlatives, I don't think I would argue with their title.

feb 2012 261

The menu is huge, so we stuck with some basics- a garlicky hot papaya salad, a fiery jungle curry, and a tangy tamarind sour curry.

The curries were amazing and hot- they didn't puss around with the "thai spicy" thing. It burned like crazypants, but beneath all that spice, it always had a nice nuanced balance between hot and sweet and sour.

feb 2012 255

I almost never get desert, but I couldn't resist trying the pumpkin custard.

feb 2012 257

It was creamy and just a little sweet and perfectly encapsulated into a wedge of pumpkin. It was a real nice finish after all those chilies.

While I'm more likely to agree to a trip to Thailand to get Thai food than a 30 minute drive to Queens, I would highly recommend this place to all the spice junkies out there.

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