Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Eating New York

I have been eating like crap lately.

march 2012 009

It's all good crap though. All this packing and planning and preparation for moving means I'm stressed, and if I'm stressed I'm more willing to eat than if I'm not stressed. Added to that stress is the stress of the fear that I won't be able to get a good deal of comfort food after next month. So I do a grand tour and make sure I'm getting the good stuff while the getting is good. Don't cry for me though. I'm sure I won't starve to death in the coming years.

march 2012 001

Fried chicken from Hill Country snuck in there. I didn't even know that I liked fried chicken until now. I had my brakes on at the mere suggestion of fried chicken, but lucky for everyone else I am easily coerced when pie was mentioned. It's tragic, really. People would always be taken aback by the fact that I don't like Radiohead and I don't care for fried chicken. I can say that at least I'm sticking to my musical taste (or lack thereof, apparently) but currently no chicken is safe in my presence.

march 2012 003

Their chicken is marvelous- tender and not dry at all, with a crispy addictive coating. I haven't eaten enough chicken to tell you more or compare it to anything but I'm pretty sure this is as fantastic as it gets.

march 2012 003

It's a good thing that I've been taking out the rest of my stress at the gym every day.

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