Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Speakeasy Dollhouse

Hi! I am still here, just kind of busy and trying to get myself organized. I don't have a routine right now so I find myself not having a lot of time to be spent returning emails and tending to the blog. The etsy store is closed, so I'm quietly relieved of that duty. As much as I loved having one (and plan on opening one again one day) it's a lot of work and extra responsibility that I can't consistently attend to.

I have been doing lots though- in between packing up and paperwork, the great outdoors beckons as we've had a gloriously warm early spring that forces the need to get out. I've seen lots of interesting migratory birds just with casual observation- a pair of Northern Flicker woodpeckers have taken up residence nearby, and I'll have my camera and zoom lens ready next time I go out.

One thing we did do that was quite interesting was the Speakeasy Dollhouse. Check it out, as tickets are still available for April.

march 2012 011

It's an interactive murder mystery that takes place in a speakeasy bar. You get your cocktail in a teacup and follow the action from room to room based on what rumors you pick up on.

march 2012 022

march 2012 021

march 2012 024

It's all fun and games until the cops show up though. Thanks to my very multi-talented friend Silent James for spreading the word.

march 2012 029

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