Monday, 26 March 2012

A Sad Farewell to the Real Deal

One of my favorite bars closed over the weekend.

march 2012 035

A relic of prohibition- a real former speakeasy- the bar had a wonderful fun atmosphere. The walls were covered with vintage prints of long-forgotten boxers and racehorses, the drinks were made properly and stiff, and after 8pm there was a piano player who would bang out old showtunes that the crowd of mostly locals and regular customers would sing along to. In the midtown wasteland of Irish pubs and $15 cocktails, Bill's was a comfy place to call home for a few hours after work. It took up space in an 1850's brownstone in a neighborhood that is almost completely glass towers now.

march 2012 034

I will miss the place and all its elegant touches. I met a friend their not long ago- rumors of their closing had me concerned and any excuse for a visit was taken up. The place, as usual, was packed.

march 2012 037

I will not miss the fact that the ladies' room was on the 3rd floor up some rather narrow steep stairs. Oh, the near death experiences I've had!

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