Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Kinsarvik to Voss

It was so nice to rest at a comfortable place and not have to get up and put the boots on again. I thought to bring a pair of flip-flops to wear in the huts and those were now my A game shoes. WED_6244

We left the charming B&B we stayed at early, fueled by real coffee and freshly washed. We headed into Kinsarvik to pick up the car ferry that will port you across the Fjord.

WED_6246 WED_6247 WED_6252 WED_6256 WED_6264 WED_6274

We had a couple hours before the bus showed up to take us to Voss, so I laid out my towel by the fjord and was quite content to have a picnic breakfast and take a snooze in the sun without feeling guilty about being lazy.

Voss ended up being a ski resort town. It took me a while to connect the dots, but the expensive bottled water in cylindrical bottels...Voss. Yup.

WED_6288 WED_6289

But in Voss, it's just called "tap water".


The cultural museum had a throwback grass roof, just like the little cottages we saw everywhere.


We hopped a train to Oslo from Voss. The train climbed back up to Finse and then made its way back to the verdant green of lowland Norway.

We did see a lot of snow-plow trains. I'm a little afraid of what this place might be like in January.



  1. What a gorgeous country! I want to see Norway now, thanks to you.

    1. It was really spectacular. We have a notion to do a north-south trip up to the arctic circle.