Thursday, 30 August 2012


Back to civilization. I put on my very last clean shirt that I carried around specifically for when I got off the trail.

Oslo is one of those lovely progressive cities with lots of cool weird architecture and sculpture.


Like the Opera House. You can walk across the top of the roof.

WED_6304 WED_6305 WED_6307 WED_6309 WED_6310

It's a very walkable city, and small enough so that you can see all the main sights in a couple of days.

WED_6323 WED_6325 WED_6328 WED_6330 WED_6332 WED_6334 WED_6338 WED_6344

The palace was undergoing renovations, but it sits on a really pretty park.

WED_6346 WED_6347 WED_6348 WED_6350 WED_6354 WED_6355 WED_6362 WED_6363

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