Friday, 10 August 2012

Sainte Chapelle

Tucked away on Île de la Cité in the Royal Palace, not far from Notre Dame, is a stunning gothic church.


Almost always packed with long queues, Sainte Chapelle is famous for its 12-century stained glass. It's best to check it out on a sunny day as the interior gets flooded with colored light.


It's also in the process of being restored. Ah, well.

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Almost every surface is decorated- the floor, the ceiling, the pillars. So much work went into it. It was originally the private chapel of King Louis IX built to house his relics.

WED_5438 WED_5460 WED_5461 WED_5466 WED_5467 WED_5469 WED_5424 GO early in the day, or get a museum pass to skip the lines entirely. You will still have to wait in line to go through airport-style security as well.

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