Friday, 24 August 2012

Liseth to Viveli

The next part of our hike was a hard one. Distance wise isn't wasn't too bad, but it was mostly uphill.


We left the trees and mud behind quickly and were back up in the mountains.

Norway Norway

We could see the plateau we walked across the day before, and way back we could still see the glacier we walked around the day before that.

Norway Norway

I just want to sing the praises of Merino wool. Before I left, I stocked up on lightweight merino wool t-shirts at the local Decathlon (which is like the French LLBean). They were wonderful. Much lighter than cotton, much warmer, and they do a better job of keeping you dry and no chafing. Also...if you wash them at night, they will be dry in the morning if you left it out in an airy place. They smell a lot less than synthetics as well. I was pretty psyched that I got them for so cheaply. Soldes!

Norway Norway Norway

A seasonal surprise- Parts of the ground were blanketed with cloudberries!

Norway They are red when unripe, but when they turn a peachy color, they are perfect. They taste somewhat like what would happen if apricot had a love child with a raspberry. Delicious. I guess the trail map hiking times don't take into account that I would be stopping to eat berries for a couple hours. Norway Norway Norway

We did hit a part of the trail that was accessible for day hikers. Lots and lots of day hikers in this one stretch that looped from a parking lot. Aside from that, we once again had the trail to ourselves.

Norway Norway

The hut in Viveli was staffed and surprisingly empty. We thought that with the amount of dayhikers we say on the trail we would be bunking on the floor of the common room again. Again, we were super thankful to get a hot shower and another plate of meat and potato stew.

No flush toilets though.

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