Friday, 31 August 2012


The must-see attraction in Oslo is Vigelandsparken.


I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. It's a whole park of bronze and stone sculptures of naked people at various ages and poses.

Gustav Vigeland sculpted all 212 statues. It took him over 20 years.

WED_6438 WED_6439 WED_6441 WED_6442 WED_6443

People fighting, playing, crying, loving, running. It was all very touching.

WED_6444 WED_6446 WED_6448 WED_6450 WED_6451 WED_6454 WED_6455 WED_6456 WED_6458

The centerpiece: A huge column carved from a single piece of stone.

WED_6461 WED_6476 WED_6464 WED_6465 WED_6466 WED_6470 WED_6471 WED_6472 WED_6473 WED_6485 WED_6488 WED_6489 WED_6490 WED_6494

The detail and the scale of it was mind-boggling.

WED_6497 WED_6501

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