Monday, 17 June 2013

Blue Lagoon

Our good Captain Umut, whom I just started referring to as "The Ham". A character straight out of a high-seas adventure, truly.


He was most entertaining and chatty, and talked openly about how hard it was to be a captain while trying to have a family. He's gone from May to October every year and rarely gets to see his kids in the summer months. Here was pointing out the point that if you swim past, the resort will charge you for using their beach. Why bother, when the rest of the ocean was free?

WED_0114 WED_0116 WED_0119 WED_0124 WED_0123

We docked at the Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz for an afternoon.


The harbor is overshadowed by enormous Mount Babadağ, and every few minutes, a whole herd of paragliders would drop off the top and into the sky, sail over the lagoon and then land on the beach.

WED_0134 WED_0136



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