Saturday, 15 June 2013


While the sailboat had plenty of cabins below deck, I would drag my blankets out on the deck every night and sleep under the canopy of stars. True, my face was a little puffy from the mosquito bites, but it was totally worth it. Sleeping outside is something I do whenever the chance arises.

WED_9971 WED_9976

After breakfast, we would untie our moorings and take off for another cove for a swim.

WED_9975 The water was lovely and I would refuse to get back on the boat unless the captain started pulling the anchor up. While the captain claimed that it was a bit chilly still for the locals, we cared not. I grew up in Maine, and I was an adult before I realized that not all ocean water had the ability to numb your toes in the height of summer. The water here was crystal-clear and the shades of blue were so vibrant that it hurt your eyes. WED_0019

We docked in the harbor at Kaş, a small town on the coast.

WED_9986 WED_9987 WED_9992 WED_9998

We hiked up into the hills to check out the rock tombs carved into the cliffside.


Then across the hilly town to the giant roman theater Antiphelos, overlooking the sea and what are now islands belonging to Greece.

WED_0011 WED_0012 WED_0013 WED_0021

And then off to another secluded harbor for more swimming and exploring and sunning.

WED_0035 WED_0036 WED_0033 WED_0039

I thought I'd be bored out of my skull on a boat. Nope, I take to the salty seawench lifestyle easily. Getting caught up on books, getting a few rows of lace knitting in, sunning and swimming, chatting and making friends. And the whole "no internet" thing...I love that. While a couple on the boat were racing to internet cafes and wireless hotspots every chance they got (thereby missing the hiking and exploring) everyone else seemed happy to be disconnected. This was probably the most relaxing vacation ever, with the added benefit of the vessel picking up and moving to new locales with very little effort on my part.

WED_0044 WED_0045

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