Tuesday, 4 June 2013

FO: Honey Cowl



Ages ago, I fell in love with a skein of yarn. It's called "Kitten" from Tess Designer Yarns up in Portland. Cashmere Silk blends are easy to fall in love with. Ethereally soft, shiny and slinky with a gentle bloom, with lovely hand-dyed colors. I couldn't justify a splurge and I had to walk away just after petting until "friends" stepped in and dragged me away with my heels firmly digging up furrows of mud behind me.

So when a friend sent me a special care package with a skein of Kitten, I somehow managed to swoon and squeal with delight at the exact same moment. Epic.

What to do with this 325 yards of pure love and joy and happiness?

A honey cowl!


I felt that with yarn this special needs to be kept close, with no risk of it sliding off your neck to be tromped upon on the Metro, or forgotten draped across the back of a seat at the movie theater. A cowl with a simple stitch pattern was called for: it won't go anywhere.

I cast on 220 stitches and knit till the yarn was gone. It's lovely. It reminds me of said friend everywhere and anywhere I take it. It can be worn as one giant loop, or doubled up when it's particularly dreary out for a bit more warmth.


I will wear it always.


  1. Replies
    1. It's my new favorite! Since a friend picked out the skein, I got a color that I normally wouldn't choose but it goes great with everything and brightens up my normally black-and-gray wardrobe.