Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Our last day on the boat.


Our Capitan took ill during the night. Quite alarming, but he could barely get out of bed with the fever chills and flu. The cook and deckhand stepped in and got the boat to a cove when they realized the Captain could barely uncurl himself from a vomiting fetal position, never mind navigate a ship. A new Capitan was ordered up, and they took our sick one to hospital.

WED_0248 WED_0254 WED_0257

After lunch and one last swim in a secluded cove, the boat pulled into port at Fethiye. We said our goodbyes and all went our separate ways. That is, after the rep from the boat had made sure that we paid our tabs.


Fethiye had a booming port and market, but as soon as you climbed the hill in town, it because a desperately impoverished place. Home-made houses made with scraps of plywood and sheet metal and chickens everywhere.


THe rock tombs carved out of the cliffside were most impressive.

WED_0269 WED_0274 WED_0286 WED_0289

There was a fish market in Fethiye. You chose your fish, then you gave it to one of the cafes nearby to cook it up for you.


Çalış beach was a gorgeous place to take in the sunset.

WED_0296 WED_0300 WED_0306

This part of the coast seemed to cater to British tourist, as every other place on the boardwalked served fish and chips and bangers and mash. Because, you know. When you are on vacation someplace where the cooks actually know how to respectfully cook vegetables, you start to crave mushy peas. We avoided the anglos and sat on the beach with our kebaps and effes. Bliss.


I had no idea how beautiful Turkey would be.


  1. Beautiful pics and you made me lol with the "mushy peas" comment. So very, very true.

    1. Apparently, all the turkish food was not gray and greasy and mushy enough for them, and the grills added too much flavor. I guess when you miss home, you miss the food though. The only thing I ended up kind of missing was chocolate, but there was so much other good things to eat, all my other itches were scratched.