Saturday, 22 June 2013


The mother of all Roman ruins site in Turkey is Ephesus.


Founded by Greeks, acquired by Romans. Earthquake-ravaged. It was an incredible site.


As promised, we were at the top gate at 8am when they opened. We had the entire place to ourselves for a full hour before the masses appeared. The only other people we saw that early was a small group of Germans, who were really taking their time with what appeared to be a very in-depth, serious tour.

WED_0574 WED_0581 WED_0583 WED_0586

The other good thing about getting there early is that you got two hours of morning cool and long shadows to ease your journey. Once it got to 10am, you were left roasting. No shade and not a lot of places to buy water here until you left the site. The sun here is no joke, especially for people who are quite used to the cool damp of a Parisian spring.

WED_0596 WED_0601 WED_0613

The thing to do is to start at the gate at the top of the hill and pick your your way down towards the water, As all the major ruins are located in a valley corridor that leads to what used to be the ancient port.

WED_0617 WED_0625 WED_0627

The facade of the library still stands. Things were mostly well labeled, with architectural drawings of what used to be. Temples and stadiums and more temples and bath houses and merchant houses.

WED_0636 WED_0646 WED_0648

There was a huge covered area that were once apartment buildings and a tantalizing view of how people lived. A puzzle of mosaics laid out on tables, original wall paintings and graffiti, a whorehouse.

WED_0657 WED_0672 WED_0674 WED_0679 WED_0680 WED_0682 WED_0683 WED_0689 WED_0696 WED_0697 WED_0703

By the time we made it to the bottom of the hill and climbed up the enormous amphitheater, it was indeed roasting. I went through two big bottles of sunscreen this trip, and I couldn't drink water fast enough.

WED_0715 WED_0711 WED_0724 WED_0725

Off to pick up the shuttle to Izmir airport to catch a quick flight to our final Turkish adventure.



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