Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Far up on a mountain side on the shores of Cirali beach, pure magic. An ancient mythical fire-breathing beast still roams the hills.


Since ancient time, sailors have used the Chimera to navigate the Lycian coast and find the harbor of Olympus. Methane seeping through the rock face of the mountain can be ignited and seen for miles around. It's the original eternal Olympic flame.

It's a fairly steep hike up there, and it's one of the only hikes I've ever taken where everyone says that it's best to go at night. Bring a flashlight. You'll be able to spot creatures like this rather than lean up against them.


The trail is well marked and well maintained, but pitch black until the Chimera is spotted. At the top, the flames spring from the rock and lick the air to illuminate groups of hikers and campers warming themselves by the flames.

WED_9854 WED_9827 WED_9835

The flames never die. In rain and wind, they keep burning. As you pick your way past the ruins of temples to the top of the hill, you can totally get a vibe of how sacred and unusual a sight like this is.

WED_9841 WED_9842 WED_9853 WED_9855

I suck as a videographer, but I felt the need to try to capture the scene. Sorry about the shake.


  1. Great shots, I'm really enjoying this tour of Turkey and finding out about these beautiful places!

    1. Thank you! There were so many weirdly wonderful places to visit there. And the food....oh, the food....