Sunday, 16 June 2013

Butterfly Valley

We pulled anchor early, and I rolled off my self-made bed on the deck and dragged myself back to the cabin for a bit more sleep until dawn broke. Despite the food quality being really quality, the only coffee available was instant stuff, and that just gives me zero incentive to actually wake up in the morning.


We docked in Butterfly Valley, a remote valley sandwiched in between mountains and the sea, with no roads in.


You get here by boat, or you get here hiking the Lycian trail, or you just don't get here.

WED_0050 WED_0052

I was overjoyed to find puppies in the underbrush. PUPPIES! There's a beach bar and some rustic camping facilities, some chickens and a few stray dogs, but otherwise it's quiet.

WED_0061 WED_0058

We set off up the valley trail to the waterfall.

WED_0060 WED_0062 WED_0063 WED_0064

True to its name, there were tons of butterflies, attracted to the vibrant wild blooms along the stream.

WED_0096 WED_0067

Oh, and spiders. Giant spiders liked it here too.

WED_0089 WED_0069 WED_0077

At this point in the trail, I was all, "yeah, no thanks".

WED_0078 WED_0088

The wilderness here was not without its comforts.

WED_0097 WED_0099

At this point, day trippers and party boats started pulling with speakers thumping. It was nice to get here first thing in the morning and have it to ourselves, but most of the people getting offloaded from the boats were beach-goers and we didn't see anyone else on the trail.

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