Friday, 27 September 2013

Back to Brooklyn

I find it amazing that Brooklyn has been such a marketing buzzword power lately. Even in Maine, there was "Brooklyn Bakery" and a few other odds and ends of Brooklyn culture seeping in. "Brooklyn", as both a dining option and a hipster style, is huge right now in Paris. It's bizarre. I feel like I will never escape the borough's siren call. I wonder if anything has ever been successfully marketed using Staten Island? No?


It also leaves me wondering if the borough will soon get its own syndrome named after it. What do you mean, not everyone here has a rooftop garden and is making their own cured sausages with free-range pork? This is not what I expected at all!

WED_5175 WED_5178

Even when it was so gross and sticky out where I remembered how much summer time can really suck, I re-discovered ice coffee, and all was right with the world.

WED_5532 WED_5179 WED_5185 WED_5203 WED_5192

Plus, from Brooklyn you get a view of the world that you just can't get in Manhattan.


It will cost you though...the days where Brooklyn was considered a cheaper alternative to Manhattan are long gone.

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