Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Life. It's a Beach.

Some more sunshiny beachy scenes from Maine...

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But the thing I get most excited about is the access to a grill.


There are no fires allowed in Paris...even if you have a backyard, you wouldn't be allowed to grill and must go make friends with people who live in the 'burbs. I hoard up grill-centric recipes all year and then go a bit crazy when I finally get there. Two things I was really happy with: Sambal Chicken Skewers from Wit and Vinegar. Don't let the fact that the marinade contains more than a half cup of hot sauce and a quarter cup of fish sauce scare you off. These were excellent. Because I was on a kebap kick, Turkish-style kebaps with a Pomegranate relish were a hit. I had a bit of trouble finding tahini paste and pomegranates in Maine, but it was worth the trouble in the end. Plus, all the good corn on the cob and veggies and I was happy to stand out in the mosquitoes while everything perfectly caramelized.

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