Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ode to a Lobster


Of course, there is always lobster to be had. As messy and time-consuming as they are to cook, it is always the family prerogative that this gets done.


Plus, they are cheap and plentiful, but you won't see the reduced price on the menu in a restaurant. If you make the effort to go and get them yourself and deal with the mess, it will cost you less than $2.50 per pound of lobster. That's seriously cheap.


I love them, both on my plate and off. They are just such unlikely creatures. The spines and segments and beady eyes. How can something so ugly taste so good? Even if it's somehow available to me, I abstain until I'm in Maine. That should totally be a marketing catch phrase for the seafood industry.


Cockroaches of the sea, you are welcome to invade my abode anytime.

WED_4727 WED_4730 WED_4735

Plus, any food that requires a machete to prep is just more rewarding to eat.

WED_4743 WED_4752 It's the best food there is. A little salt butter and you are in heaven. WED_4754

They are a lot of work. Having the no-waste mentality in the family, all the bodies are thrown into a garbage bag in the fridge to be picked clean the next morning. You've never known tedium as trying to get tiny threads of meat from each jointed leg, and the little bits clinging around the head. It's become a tradition to have this and the leftover lobster butter as your base for a well-earned lobster roll lunch the next day.

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