Thursday, 26 September 2013



I love the creative energy here. You can't help but be inspired by it.


There are currently giant, undulating braided cable sculptures in Madison Square Park...

WED_5097 WED_5105 WED_5110 WED_5117 WED_5118

But there was also a creepy ass "performance artist" in the park who decided to take his shirt off and then start masturbating while smiling at all the ladies passing by. Um, EEEEEWWWWWWW! Maybe I've just been lucky, as I'm sure creepy gross guys are a cross-cultural phenomenon, but I haven't had this happen in Paris yet.


I decided to head elsewhere to have lunch.


Which worked out, since I happened upon my favorite greasy good taco truck, which was crowded by a gaggle of construction workers who didn't sound like a total jackass when they tried to order in Spanish.


No matter, the tongue tacos are pretty damn good by any standard.


Something I love about New York:


Arbitrary Rules are broken.

The children of New York would all deprived of joy if that rule was enforced.

WED_5127 WED_5148 WED_5156

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