Tuesday, 24 September 2013


We all live for the peaceful weeks where we can be at Camp.


This seems to be a "spaceship of the mind" sort of situation most of the time (at least the peaceful part or the equation), but when it's good, it's glorious.

WED_4605 WED_4621

Living so far away from family can be hard. While I wouldn't trade in my life for anything, it's hard to communicate with the ones you love over email and phone for so much of my lifetime. The people who know me best are the ones that I see the least it seems. But I take much joy in the time we do have together, and relish every moment and cook up all the food and make sure the 3 o'clock margaritas make their way down to the dock on a lazy afternoon.

WED_4632 WED_4638

Oh! And someone got a moose last year so we had moose sliders.


It was a rainy delayed summertime, so raspberries were late coming in, and blueberries were just starting. Lucky me.

WED_4843 WED_4673

Alas, it's hard to say goodbye for a whole 'nother year away from a place I love so much, and with so many memories stretching back over three generations now.


A whole year. I can't even imagine how different my life might be next summer. The year will fly by as long as I let it.


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