Sunday, 22 September 2013

FO: Vitamin D Cardigan

Y'all want to see a sweater I made?


It's radiant.


It's called the Vitamin D Cardigan. It's not hard, but skinny yarn and size 4 needles means that it did take some time. I carried it around for most of the summer with me, as it was pretty easy to just zone out and go on and on with.


I love these little throw-on wrap sweaters. Out of all the sweaters I make, they get the most use.


The one modification I made was I made the body longer, meaning that after I was done with the miles and miles of short rows, I added about 2 inches of plain knitting to add length as it would have been quite cropped otherwise. As a result, the fronts don't drape quite as gracefully as some, but I think I'd rather have my back covered. It's so well written though- lots of eyelet increases and a top-down design. The sleeves are written to be 3/4 lenght, but you could easier or longer depending on your yardage. I really squeezed mine, but I had enough to pick up stitches and do the garter trim with no issues.


I used up the entirety of three skeins of Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in the "Sooty Dancer" colorway, and I used every last 1236 yards of it.


It's a lovely deep dark navy, with some purply blacks thrown in. A wonderful stormy colorway. I love this yarn to death for sweaters, but it started getting kind of fuzzy from it being pulled out of my bag dozens of times. Otherwise, it's just a fantastic yarn to work with. It's got wonderful drape and it is quite cozy and soft, and the cashmere blooms and makes things magic as soon as you block it.


J'adore. I will never take it off.

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