Friday, 20 September 2013

I Suppose He Won't Be on Sports Scholarship at This Point.

While I was home...


My Grandfather graduated high school.

Seriously. Inspire us all some more, Grandpa.

WED_4235 WED_4236

I actually had no idea until recently that he hadn't finished school. I knew he went off and joined the Marines while he was in school and then got shipped off to war shortly after Pear Harbor, but I had assumed he had finished up once he came back. He traveled around, met my grandma, raised lots of kids, then came the grandkids...and he finally got around to it.

Plus, the thing is, he seemed educated. I would usually stereotype a high school dropout as, at the very least, as unmotivated and lazy, with perhaps a twist of learning disability or teenage pregnancy thrown in for fun. He still has an amazing memory, and he can recite facts and figures and pull up memories from his many life adventures that I can't rival when I'm trying to remember something that happened last week. He can fix just about anything, and rig anything that he can't, and he's still got a work ethic that can't be rivaled even when we are begging him to relax. It's all we can do to convince him that it's not safe for him to be cutting down trees at his age. We can hire people to do that for us now.


What to get him on this momentous occasion?


Cards, with money inside, as per tradition.

Cheers to that.


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